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publié le 03/05/2021


Booking, check-in, checkout,
  • For all direct bookings, Get a 10% discount on your room price
  • We will keep on not asking for deposit when booking. We only take your credit card digits as a guarantee until checkout
  • Your booking can be cancelled without penalties up to 4 days before arrival, as usual.
  • Hydro alcoholic gel distribution stations are available at each entry/exit of the hotel.
  • After check-in, we will send you an Email containing the room book, the restaurant’s menu of the day, the drinks menu, the list of the main opened tourist sites.
  • On demand, you can get bicycle touring or hiking maps starting within 30 minutes by car. A systematic UV disinfection is performed between each guest.
  • In addition to social distancing, we will always wear a face mask (cotton or plastic)
  • Medical staff is on the other side of the road (2 general practitioners, 1 physiotherapist, nurses, a dentist and an osteopath).
  • Checkout must be done before 10 am, in order to air the room (3 hours minimum) and clean it without any risk for our housekeeper (at least 2 hours after guest departure)
  • Payment will be made at departure. We will show you the bill on our computer screen. You will receive a copy by email. Contactless credit card and cash are accepted. You won’t have to pin on our machine anyway.
  • For your safety and ours we will kindly ask you to wear a face mask while mooving in public area of the hotel.
  • Fabric washable masks are for sale at the front desk for 4 Euros at cost price (the same as ours)


In the rooms,
  • We have removed all that couldn’t be perfectly sanitized (candies, water bottle and glasses, room directory, do not disturb sign, make-up removing disc, extra blanket)
  • One bottle of water will be given to you on check-in on demand.
  • Make-up removing discs are available on demand.
  • We will not enter your room during your stay. If you need new towels, just ask for them.
  • If your stay lasts more than 3 nights, every 4th morning we will offer a total cleaning of the room and bathroom (renewed bed sheets, towels). You’ll just have to gather your belongings in the room cupboard.
  • Our bed sheets are cleaned/sanitized according to professional national standards, outside by Elis, a specialized company.
  • Our towels are cleaned on site by us, above 60°C with a professional disinfectant detergent.
  • The key of your room will be left inside your room. You’ll keep it during your stay and leave it in the room on departure. It will be sanitized between guests.
  • We have a central vacuum system, thereby we can vacuum the room without any rejection in the room



Public spaces,
  • We have set up numerous areas for you to relax, chat, drink and eat. These areas are in the lounges, on the terrace, in the garden in compliance with social distancing guidelines.
  • We clean and disinfect, in and out, tables and chairs, after each use (virucide spray on all washable surfaces, disinfectant aerosol for fabric chairs in the lounges)
  • Each of these areas are set 1m distance from each other.
  • We will disinfect outside door handles twice a day (remember hydroalcoholic gel is available nearby). There are no handles or buttons to touch during your stay except those in your room (all doors are opened, and lights are automatic in public areas).
  • The restaurant restrooms will be locked, and we will ask you to use those in your rooms.
  • All newspapers have been removed as they canot be disinfected.


Breakfast and dinning (7 days a week), outside the confinement period when the restaurant is closed
  • Dinning and breakfast are available if booked to avoid a waiting line.
  • You’ll take them according to your wishes and the weather permitting, table service (1 m between each table) in the lounges, the dining room or on the terrace
  • Breakfast includes: fruit juice, yogurt or cottage cheese, a hot drink (coffee, assorted tea, chocolate), a croissant, a piece of baguette, butter, jam , regular or chocolate cornflakes, Swiss cheese, smoked ham (meal tray or table service).
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